Florida Kindergarten Teacher, Her Husband  And Her Parents Were All Shot And Left For Dead By A Gang Of Hired Killer Robbers 
In A Rush To Judgment, The Orange County, Florida Prosecutors Office Wrongfully Arrested, Tried & Convicted An Innocent Man ​For The Quadruple Christmas Eve Murders. Orange County Prosecutor Jeff Ashton Has Spent Decades Fighting ​To Deny DNA Testing Results That Prove Tommy Zeigler's Innocence. Ashton Is The Author Of The Book " Imperfect Justice."
The State Of Florida Has Wrongfuly Convicted More People Than Any Other State In The United States Of America. They Also Continue To Deny DNA Testing And Brady And Giglio Violations Of Their Innocent Inmates.
To Deny Anyone On Death Row With No Previous Criminal Record Further DNA Testing, Is Barbaric. Especially After Initial DNA Test Results Years Ago Have Already Proven Their Innocence.  It's Shameful That Florida Is The Leader Of Wrongful Convictions. 
This Teacher's Husband, William Thomas Zeigler Was Wrongfully Convicted. He Has Suffered His 38th Christmas In A Cage, Innocent On Florida's Death Row Since 1976. The State Of Florida Fights To Deny Every DNA, Brady And Giglio Motion His Attorneys File.

             Mrs. Eunice Edwards Zeigler
Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. William Thomas Zeigler And
Her Parents Were All Murdered On Christmas Eve 1975
View Many Of The Facts Of This Wrongful Rush To Judgment By The Orange County, Florida Prosecutor's Office  www.tommyzeiglerisinnocent.com

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 ​​We Are Grateful To The Producers At Investigation Discovery. Please Watch The Documentary I Co-Produced  And Have Worked On ​For 2 Years About The Wrongful​ ​Conviction Of My Innocent Suffering Death  Row Client In A Cage Waiting For 38 Years And Counting. Mr. William Thomas Zeigler Jr.​